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Passionflowers Blog


Kara Shaw

In most of the world, people use herbs and/or consult an herbalist for any health issues they are having long before they would ever go to a doctor. The western world is the anomaly when it comes to healing methods. While western medicine, in the last 100 - 200 years or so, certainly has its place and continues to do miraculous ingenious things, particularly with acute conditions, herbalism is tried and true and has been working for the majority of the world for thousands of years.

We know that each herb has MANY chemical compounds within it and taking those herbs is a more holistic method of healing, which means that using an isolated compound may not heal everything around the issue, where the entire plant with all it's compounds does. They all work together to create a synergistic effect in our bodies that has evolved with humans throughout time.

Herbs definitely have earned their place for first aid and pain management (and no, I do not mean marijuana.. or CBD - although those things certainly have their places too) and for healing minor and major health conditions, but the true purpose of herbs as it was taught by healers all over the world is for preventative purposes. We can and should be using ALL THE HERBS on a regular basis to KEEP ourselves healthy. Most cultures in the world also use LOTS of herbs in their cooking. Here in the US, we tend to sprinkle herbs in our recipes, but other cultures pour handfuls or cups where we add teaspoons or pinches. I say try adding more spice to your food! Add 2-4 times the cinnamon, turmeric or pepper that you would normally use. You may have to add more coconut cream or something else to balance it out, but your food will have lots more yummy flavor, and your body will get more healing benefits. Try it out and let me know how it makes you feel. Let me know if you have questions on how to add more and still make it taste right.

Also, consider adding things like reishi mushrooms, astragalus and seaweed to your soups, bone broths and stocks. Reishi is just for cooking, so make sure to take it out before you eat! Seaweeds are great for adding minerals that we don't normally get and we need in our diet, plus they make your soups salty tasting! Reishi and astragalus are great for building up our immune systems, preventing us from developing everything from minor colds to cancer.

Another fantastic way to get more herbal goodness into your diet is through herbal teas. Whether you want a nutritive blend, a calming blend that helps you sleep, quiets the rumblings of your tummy, calms your seriously frayed nerves, assists in healing your broken heart or your high blood pressure, there is a tea that will not only help you, but it will reach your soul on a level that you cannot understand. This is the magic of plants: the magic that the universe gives to us every day for as long as we have existed. It's up to you to know, honor and use them, in a sustainable way for your body and for the world. Want help finding the tea for your soul? Ask me or any herbalist for a consult and a tea recommendation. You won't be sorry you did : ) We also sell bulk herbs that are super fresh ( most herbs on a grocery shelf sit around too long and are no longer beneficial), organic whenever possible and sustainably grown, so you can trust what you are eating and drinking.

I challenge you to learn and try one new herb that you've never tried before, and then incorporate it regularly into your diet. Leave a comment below and let me know which new-to-you herb you are going to try! I may use those suggestions to do future blog posts featuring some herbs and their healing benefits.

Cheers to your health and vitality!


Kara Shaw

As dandelions are newly popping up in yards everywhere, it is nature’s way of reminding us that it is time to use dandelions to benefit our health : ) Dandelion greens are great in salads and have an affinity for helping our kidneys among other things. They are bitter to the taste, which serves like digestive bitters as a pre-meal digestion boost. I love to mix with fresh strawberries or other fruits and a delicious berry balsamic vinaigrette dressing to balance the bitter with sweet. Dandelion flowers are a great mood up-lifter and can be eaten ( only eat of found in a totally chemical free environment!! ), also in a salad, can be made into tea, or can be very beneficial in flower essences.

Perhaps, best of all, at this time of year, is the Dandelion Root... These are great gentle detoxifiers which can benefit us tremendously at this time of year after winter has left our bodies stagnant. Dandelion Root tea and tincture are available as well as customized blends with other spring herbs like horsetail and nettles, here at our shop. We also sell a flower essence called Quiet Mind which is lovely and has dandelion blooms in it among other things. It helps to lift the spirit, and relax the mind and is very beneficial for getting deep sleep at night, not to mention which, it smells amazing. Come in and smell for yourself. : )