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Sleep Tincture

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Sleep tincture.JPG

Sleep Tincture


Great to keep on hand for occasional sleep pattern disturbances. Gets you back on track! No drowsy hangover, wake up feeling refreshed. All natural, plant based. Made locally in small batches.

General dosage: Take 30-40 drops in the afternoon, then 30-40 drops again about 1 hour before bedtime, then 30-40 drops again 1/2 hour before bedtime.

Ingredients: Vodka or grain alcohol ( to extract herbal components), Organic Kava Kava, Organic Skullcap, Organic Passionflower, organic ginger, honey

Not recommended for pregnant women. Do not use if taking other substances that act on the central nervous system. Do not take more than recommended dose. Use only for up to 1 week, Maximum. This formula is meant for short term, occasional use. Please call for a consultation and custom remedy for sleep issues that are more severe.

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