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PF Goldenmilk Herbal Mix - a yummy anti-inflammatory warm drink

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Goldenmilk Mix 1.png
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PF Goldenmilk Herbal Mix - a yummy anti-inflammatory warm drink


A yummy golden colored latte-like drink. Great for a healthy dessert or a warm bedtime treat. Helps prevent disease and inflammation all over the body. Great for keeping your body warm in the winter!

Turmeric - one of the best substances on the planet for anti-inflammatory, anti- disease action. This recipe mixes fresh, potent turmeric with healthy, nutritional fat, ginger and pepperine from long pepper in order to help the turmeric move around to and be absorbed by all parts of your body.

Cinnamon and Cloves - Balances blood sugar and warms the body during the colder months of the year, plus moves the herbs around to all parts of your body.

Astragalus - builds the body’s immune system slowly and naturally.

Ingredients: Organic Tumeric, Organic Cyelon Cinnamon, Organic Cloves, Organic Long Pepper, Organic ginger, may contain organic astragalus

Made in Smyrna, Georgia, USA

4.5 oz (approx 18 servings)

Other ingredients needed: plant based milk of your choice, honey, vanilla and ghee or coconut oil. *using natural, organic, fresh herbs and ingredients not only helps keep toxins out of your body that build up and cause inflammation and disease, but also it keeps the nutrients in your food so that you get ALL the amazing benefits, such as the mood uplifting ability of natural vanilla extract, the allergy and immune effects of organic local honey, the inflammation eliminating ability of the tumeric etc.

Summer Goldenmilk Smoothie recipe:

1/2 - 3/4 c blueberries

1.5 c coconut milk

1 c spinach

1/2 an avacadp

1/2 banana ( optional)

2 tbsp goldenmilk mix

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