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Allergy Tea Blend

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Allergy Tea Blend


Looking for a natural allergy alternative for you or your kids?

(Use of over the counter allergy and anti-histamine medication, among other OTC medications and pharmaceuticals has been linked to alzheimer’s and dementia later in life, not to mention the additional toxic load it presents to our already strained liver and digestive organs. )

Our Allergy Tea Blend is great for any time of year that you are having allergy symptoms! It is best when made and allowed to steep for 2-10 hours. If you have lots of congestion or other unpleasant symptoms, we can customize this recipe for you. Please inquire. This tea is most effective when drunk every day, 1-3 times per day, before and during times of seasonal allergies. Try filling a thermos and sip on it all day long. It’s pretty tasty.. : )


Org. Stinging nettles – natural anti-histimine action without side effects. Very safe herb, even for babies. It is also very high in nutritient mineral content.

Org. Calendula - This lovely, gentle herb is very safe and easy on the body and helps move things around in your entire body preventing a harmful state of stagnation. Contrary to its very safe, gentle nature, it is a very effective anti fungal, which helps prevent or reverse infection, which can be common in your sinuses or chest due to allergies.

Org. Goldenrod - This herb is anti-inflammatory and a natural allergy fighter!

Eyebright Herb – This herb helps with itchy watery eyes and other allergy symptoms.

Sage – In this blend, sage helps balance the flavor of the other herbs and also helps with any congestion, cough and chest symptoms.

Org. Ginger root – Ginger helps to move things around in your chest and sinuses and your whole body, it is also great for digestion and adds a very delicious balancing flavor.

3.5 oz.

Made in Smyrna, GA

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