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Summer Tea Blend

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Summer Tea Blend


Our summer tea blend is a delicious and refreshing treat! Drunk hot or cold, this tea blend cools and moisturizes your body, making it perfect for the summer heat!

Sip on it all day long to keep your body cool. moist and mildly relaxed.

Preparation Directions included in package.


Org. Hibiscus - Soothing, cooling and relaxing, aids high blood pressure.

Org. Marshmallow Root - Marshmallow root is one of the most cooling and moistening herbs around! It is fantastic for our digestive system and immune system and acts as an overall moistening agent to all our body's systems, helping to lubricate all the organs inside of our body in order to gain maximum effectiveness. It has a gel-like consistency that helps heal the body of many different issues.

Linden Flowers and Leaves - Linden is cooling and moistening as well. Linden has a cooling and relaxing effect and a very pleasant and mild earthy, floral taste.

Org. Lemon Balm - Part of the mint family, lemon balm is also cooling and moistening in its own unique way. It is considered a relaxant, as well, especially for the stomach.

Thyme - We added a pinch of thyme to balance the flavor and energetics of all the other herbs. Thyme has a warming, drying, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antioxidant effect.

Meadowsweet – A very mild pain reliever with an earthy, sweet taste. This herb is also cooling to the body.

Peppermint – A classically cooling herb with a familiar taste, we add just a touch of mint to add a different note to the blend.

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